Information about the Harry Guntrip Psychotherapy Trust for bursary applicants

The Harry Guntrip Psychotherapy Trust recognises that psychotherapy training is expensive. We wish to offer bursaries to as many trainees as possible, depending on our resources.

Trainees are eligible to apply for a bursary if the meet the following criteria

  • You are currently living and working in Yorkshire.

Bursaries are offered to those doing the following courses:

  • Introductory Lectures in Psychoanalysis (Leeds)
  • NEATPP Course, Newcastle
  • MA in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies
  • Institute of Group Analysis Courses, Manchester
  • Personality Development Seminars, Sheffield
  • Tavistock Trainings
  • Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Trainings and Courses
  • York Groupwork Courses


These are accepted throughout the year. Closing date 1st September. Bursaries will be awarded in October.


The amount offered with any bursaries can be increased or decreased depending on the course costs, the number of applications and funds available in any one year.

We have two specific named bursaries:

The Martha Smith Bursary

Awarded for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Trainings and Courses

The Christina Oliver Bursary

Awarded for Adult Psychotherapy Trainings and Courses


Step 1: The Application Form

This form reflects the aim of the Trust to give bursaries appropriately and with a minimum of unnecessary intrusion into private matters. Therefore, the main questions that we need to know are:

  • Cost of training (course fees, therapy fees, subsistence and travelling).
  • Financial support from other sources, in particular from work. We would wish to know the percentage of total costs that is supported.

The application form can be filled in online by clicking the button below. Completed applications will be sent to the bursary committee of the Harry Guntrip Psychotherapy Trust. A copy of the completed application form will also be sent to the email address entered on the form for your own records.

Step 2: Receipt of the application

We will send you an email acknowledgement when we have received the completed application form.

Step 3: Review

The applicant must confirm by 20th August that they are taking up their place on the course and inform the committee of any changes to their financial circumstances (e.g. receipt of other bursaries). Failure to provide this information by August 20th will mean that we will be unable to consider your application.

The decision about awarding bursaries is made by the Trustees at a meeting at the end of September /early October and you will be notified by the end of October.

Step 4: Confirmation and Payment of Bursary

Bursary applicants will be informed by post of the committee’s decision.

Step 5: The Future

The Harry Guntrip Psychotherapy Trust would like to ask applicants to consider supporting the Trust’s activities through attending its events on a regular basis. The Trust receives all funding from the profits on its events. We also encourage people to arrange events on behalf of the Trust. This can be discussed with any of the Trustees.